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Text Box: Critical Batch ® uses Microsoft ®  Project to analyze       mainframe scheduling data from CA7, TWS z/OS and Control-M.  This interactive representation of the        production  schedule is an effective modeling tool for batch. Classic project management tools, including Gantt charts, Pert charts, planned versus actual schedule, and the Critical Path method are applied so scheduled deadlines are met earlier and with less day-to-day variation.
Critical BatchText Box:  Analyzes Mainframe scheduling data so scheduled deadlines can be met earlier 
Text Box: Do you know which batch jobs are the most critical?

Which jobs need to be tuned?

Will that new             application fit?


Innovative  Modeling Tool for Batch

Uses classic project management      techniques

Automatically builds a Microsoft ® Project simulation model of Data Center Batch schedules on a weekly basis

Produces daily execution reports showing how the model is tracking every day of the week

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