· Web-accessible!  Easy drill down!

· Focuses on jobs that matter most!

· Automates manual tracking!

· Improves communications!

· Gets work done sooner!

· Reduces phone calls!


   Evan Jensen, President:  (212) 645-4411


Text Box: CycleTrack ® provides  minute by minute predictive tracking of production deadlines, providing an early warning of potentially missed deadlines and creating an opportunity to take timely corrective action. All jobs are monitored for impact on key business deadlines, offering  greater focus and precision without the clutter and labor-intensive maintenance of thousands of job alert messages. Monitoring overhead is negligible since all calculations are done on the PC not the mainframe. NO screen scraping or software hooks are needed!
CycleTrackText Box: Provides minute-by-minute predictive tracking of production schedule
Text Box: What will be the impact of a volume increase on the daily Batch Cycle?

Will you be able to meet your critical business milestones?

CycleTrack ®

Shows estimated completion times of jobs hours in advance

Automatically monitors all jobs for impact on key business deadlines

Displays current job status even if mainframe is down!

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